Dancer 1

I love this painting which I made about two years ago.  What more can I say about it?  It is made with a palette knife and oil paints.

I like so much to paint people but boy it can go wrong so easily.  I still need a lot of practice but is looking forward to the learning curve.  🙂



First “en plein air”

We had a fabulous sunday.  Thea fished and I did my first proper “en plein air” painting in die beautiful outdoors between Doringbaai and Strandfontein at what we call “die hoë klippe”.

She caught a baby fish and a crab and the crab pretended to be dead and then charged at me.  I screamed so loud that the fish relocated to the horizon.

I am very happy with the painting.  At first I was very intimidated with all the rocks and wondered how I was going to make the scene impressionistic, yet believable.  I think I managed.

We arrived at the location in sunny weather, then the mist came in and all the colours changed.  Fortunately the mist lifted again and I could make better colour decisions.

It was so wonderful out there.  I soaked up the sunlight and we saw seals and dolphins in the water.  For a while I forgot about chemo and lived totally in the moment.


Stack the decks aka Stacks


This is a first for me. I have never painted a horse (or part thereof) before.

The eye looked so magnificent on the photograph (taken by Esther Prehn) and I felt so drawn to it that I painted it as soon as I could get hold of a square canvas large enough. (400 x 400mm). Some parts of the painting is still a little bit wet.

My significant others supported me in their peculiar ways but boy, did they unnerve me. 🙂

Name: Stack the decks (aka Stacks)

What do you think? Should I try another?