I had the privilege to also paint Sparky in watercolours during the 30 kitties in 30 days.  Sadly she passed away last week and was cremated yesterday.  She had the best human mom any kitty could have wished for and her mom is heartbroken.

Have a great day everybody.

Faith – a kitty in watercolour

My first love was watercolour paintings. I loved the transparency and fluidity and I am still drawn to it although I hardly ever make any watercolour paintings these days.

A few years ago I made 30 watercolour kitties in 30 days and became known in the kitty world as “the cat lady”. The name still sticks. (I started a cat group on facebook and currently we have 17315 members. The name of the group is “Katte en hul dinge”. You are welcome to join. It is a kitty brag group.)

This is Faith and she is one of my favourites of the 30 in 30 days. I do commissions, so you are welcome to contact me if you want a portrait of your kitty.

More tulips

I made three tulip paintings with oil paints and my trusted little palette knife.

It is a set and this is the second one.  It is double the size of number one and three.  (600 x 450mm)

I experimented with a different blue for the background than what I normally would have used was very pleased with the end result.


The hydrangeas were painted with a palette knife and oils on blocked canvas.  I wish I kept the painting for myself as it is one of my favourite floral paintings ever.

Before I started painting I was really scared and wondered if I could pull it off.  There were so many petals!

Fortunately it worked and I am very happy with the end result.

To go to my available paintings, click here.

Soft roses

This colourful soft roses pops against the calm background.  I played with colour on the white vase as well and the shadows on the tablecloth are soft.

At first I gave it a busy background but changed it.  I like it much more this way.

I painted it a few years ago and it is in my personal collection.

This painting makes me so happy.